Mikołaj Michalik
IT Security specialist

About Me

Always loved and was curious about hacking (thank You Matrix, Hackers and Takedown!) and about how the things work in a computer system. Started with C64 many years ago, now loving the modern mobile and PC systems.

Gamer born and raised, when I'm not hacking pentesting/doing a security assessment, I am probably playing some video games - <3 the Mass Effect and The Witcher franchises!

In my proffesional career: started as a "local IT guy", .NET/C# programmer, then HelpDesk tech, Application/Account Administrator, a little bit of Networking and Windows/Active Directory administration. Right now I'm an IT Security specialist - doing penetration testing, network/event monitoring on SIEM class systems, security assessments, local CERT / security incident response team, etc.

Curriculum Vitae

You can view my CV in polish and english language versions, but unfortunately, for safety reasons, they are password protected. You can recieve this password by contacting me. :)

Contact Me

Feel free to contact me in case of a job inquiry, some feedback on my projects, or to just say hello!